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Meet the Team


Encelo is a pioneering biotech company founded in 2017 by Dr. Katia Nazmutdinova and Dr. Natalie Grefenstette. Our mission is to revolutionise the way urine-derived cells are collected and studied, with the ultimate goal of advancing academic research, toxicology testing, disease diagnosis, and personalised medicine.


During her PhD at University College London, Dr. Nazmutdinova studied urine-derived cells extracted from patients affected by Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, a rare genetic condition. She realised that traditional sample collection methods, which relied on infrequent patient-clinic sessions, were limiting the potential of urine-derived cells in research and medicine. Low success rates of cell culture initiation and a lack of patient participation were major obstacles.


To overcome these challenges, Encelo developed the Cell Catcher, a revolutionary device that makes it easier for patients to provide samples and improves cell recovery rates. This innovative technology has received support from Kidney Research UK and UCL, as well as interest from academia, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies.


At Encelo, we are committed to finding new and innovative solutions to unlock the full potential of urine-derived cells in research and medicine. We are dedicated to improving patient participation and facilitating breakthrough discoveries that can change the way we diagnose and treat diseases.


Meet The Team

Dr Katia Nazmutdinova

CEO and Co-founder

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Katia holds a PhD in Genetics of Rare Disease from UCL, and has a rare expertise in working with urine-derived cells. Her scientific research focused on identifying genetic causes, disease modelling, and developing therapeutic interventions for Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, a rare ciliopathy with kidney involvement.


Cheuk Yan Man

Research Scientist

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Molecular cell biologist with a Master of Research focused in Cell Biology from UCL and a demonstrated history of working in the research industry.


Martyn Carter

Device Prototyping

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3D Printing Lecturer and Manager for Bartlett manufacturing and design exchange at UCL with a BSc in Computer Aided Product Design at Bournemouth University. Extensive experience in bridging the gap between design and 3D printing.

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Millie Clive-Smith


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Product strategist, experienced developing and manufacturing medical products. Previously COO at Entia.


Prof David Long

Scientific Advisor

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Professor in Paediatric Nephrology and a Wellcome Trust Investigator in Science based in the Developmental Biology and Cancer theme at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health (GOSICH) with experience in the renal and vascular biology fields.


Michael Twinning


20 years as senior Private Equity executive at large global Private Equity House. COO, Managing Partner and Investment Committee roles. A Chartered Accountant, Mike now invests and takes NED positions in Health Tech start-ups.

Get in touch if you'd like to join our community of collaborators or find out more about the Cell Catcher 
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