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Urineversal access to human cells

Live cells by mail using urine

Urine: a lesser known source of live cells

Urine-derived cells are cells from the urinary tract that can be found in urine. They have the potential to be used as an alternative or supplement to biopsies.. Multiple scientific studies have reported urine-derived cell abnormalities in kidney disease and urological cancers, along with potential of urinary cells to screen drugs and even make stem cells. However, challenges such as short shelf life (<4hrs), inconsistent recovery rates and low yields for viable cells limit research. Utilising urine as a source of patient-specific live cells opens up new opportunities for accessible biomaterial at scale


The Cell Catcher

Novel technology to process urine samples to extract live patient-specific cells for precision medicine applications

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Primary cells from urine

Everyday, people pass hundreds of live cells in their urine. The Cell Catcher is a point of care device that captures and preserves these cells.

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The Cell Catcher can be used by anyone at home to collect cells. It preserves cells for 24 hours making it easier for you to work with remote patients and obtain more frequent samples.

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More reliable

Cell Catcher improves the recovery rate of cells compared to urine collection methods using conventional urine sample cups and laboratory centrifugation processing.

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