About Encelo

We care about making it easier for patients to participate in research. 

Encelo was founded in 2017 by Dr Katia Nazmutdinova and Dr Natalie Grefenstette. During her PhD at University College London, Katia was studying urine-derived cells, extracted from patients affected by a rare genetic condition, Bardet-Biedl Syndrome.


Sample collection relies on patient-clinic sessions which can be infrequent sometimes only a couple are scheduled per year. This means that obtaining the patient sample size necessary for conclusive results can take a long time.  On top of this sometimes the sample collected can't be used because of the low success rates of cell culture initiation with conventional urine sampling and lab based centrifugation.

Katia realised that making it easier for patients to take part in research and also improving recovery rates of cells would unlock huge potential for urine-derived cells to advance academic research, renal toxicology testing, renal disease diagnosis and open up new possibilities for personalised medicine.

Encelo have received a lot of interest in the cell isolation capabilities of the Cell Catcher from academia, biotech and pharma sectors and is currently focused on the commercial development of the patent pending technology.

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